Are you usually up late, sweating it out when you get assigned to make a PowerPoint presentation? There’s really nothing to it if you know what you’re doing. PowerPoint gets a bad rap these days for being outdated and boring but with a little imagination a presentation can actually be a thing of beauty. A compelling and game-changing thing, even. Here are 10 ways to help you add a little zing! to all of your Power Points. They are not the most technical tips, just the ones that will stun your audience the most.

1. Storyboard It

Start by planning your PowerPoint presentation. Most of us are creating our presentations with no flow or logic. Have you ever thought that your presentation should have a beginning, middle and end, just like a story or essay? This gives the presentation structure and leads listeners on a journey, instead of a disjointed path where you are constantly tugging them back and forth from fact to graph.

PowerPoint presentations are a visual medium, like films, and require some laying-out if each slide, like a movie scene, is going to make sense in context with the others. Most importantly, always leave your audience wanting the next slide.

2. One Thing at a Time, Please

Go one point at a time. Your audience is programmed to read the entirety of what is on screen. Slow them down by putting each point on a different slide, or by having each bullet point revealed individually on your cue. This tip puts you in control and lets you decide the pace.

3. No Paragraphs

Less text and more brilliant visuals make for a happy and entertained audience. Audiences only want to read the very distinctive takeaway points that they should be gleaning from your research. Keep your points at that and nothing more. Remember, your audience is reading, seeing images and listening to your voice the entire time. They may even be taking notes along the way. Don’t overwhelm them with sources of information.

4. Pay Attention to Design

• Cut out all the cheesy effects. Just because they’re there to use doesn’t mean that they don’t look pathetically outdated.

• Use a sans serif font for body text, like Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri.

• Stop using decorative fonts like calligraphy, German blackface, futuristic, psychotic handwriting, flowers, art nouveau, etc. because they are hard to read and don’t show up as well on projectors like Georgia or Baskerville do.

• Put dark text on a light background because it’s the easiest to read.

• Align text left because it’s a more natural way to read than centered text.

• Avoid the clutter of anything beyond a headline, a few bullet points, maybe an image.

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5. Use Images

Use one big, high-resolution image per slide. One image is plenty to keep the attention of the audience, along with a couple of bullet points and the sound of your well-spoken words.

6. Think Big Picture

Be as brilliantly dressed and put together as your slides. Your audience should be looking at you more than any of the PowerPoint presentation. Make sure you are looking your best and standing and speaking with authority so your audience knows that you mean business.

7. Use a Hook

Do like the best writers do and add a juicy hook at the beginning to get your audience interested in the rest of the presentation. This can be done in several ways. One may be to pose a question or start a story that you intend to answer or explain at the end. Or you can end each slide with a slight bit of suspense that leads to the next slide.

8. Throw in Some Good Questions

Build questions throughout the presentation by asking your audience questions. It can be big, unanswerable life questions, or smaller poll-style queries that the entire room can answer by show of hands. Get them involved with the questions, whether they are turning that question around in their head for the duration of the presentation, or if it is being answered on the very next slide.

9. Modulate Your Voice and Vary Your Tone

Speak to your audience as if you were telling a story at the dinner table. Craft it for your specific audience and breath some life into your voice with inflection, projection and some well-chosen softer moments.

10. Break the Rules

Break the PowerPoint rules you grew up with, and even the ones we mention here. For instance, sure those clip art pics and effects are cheesy and outdated, there are the odd instances where those elements work well and add a splash of satire. Be creative with this medium because too many people have made some snoringly dull PowerPoint presentations over the years.

11. Bonus Tip: Call the Pros

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